We have the special treat of holding the event at the Clinton Presidential Library and Museum and have the opportunity to open the exhibit areas of ICAT/EVGE 2016 to the general public visiting the Library during the days of the conference and give all our exhibitors and contributors exposure beyond the conference attendees.

The exhibit area for ICAT/EGVE 2016 this year is VR PLAZA, a showcase of the best VR research, startups and commercial products. The exhibits will be placed around the public museum areas in the Clinton Presidential Library. Attendees to ICAT/EGVE 2016 come from around the world, and include leading researchers, developers, and users from industry, government, and academia. Additionally, VR PLAZA Is bringing local and regional business groups, business accelerators, investors, and anybody interested in learning about new developments in VR beyond the conference attendees.

If you are interested in exhibiting at ICAT-EGVE 2016, please check out the Exhibition Information.

A list of exhibitors is here.